Santos Zatarain Vera

Java Software Engineer


Java Persistence API

Object-Relation Mapping and Entity Relationship Design, Enterprise Applications are powered by the Relational Databases strengths

Enterprise Java Beans

Transactional Business Rules, robust Enterprise Applications are made of well defined rules driven by atomic transactions

Java Server Faces

HTML5 Presentation, users need easy to understand Enterprise Applications with robust and secure data validation


Batch Applications

Non-Interactive Data Processing, scheduled jobs and repetitive parametrized tasks integration inside Enterprise Applications

Java XML Binding/Processing

Heterogeneous Systems Communication, Enterprise Applications will communicate with systems from another vendor

OpenID Connect

Identity and Access Management, Enterprise Applications will be secure and users will be able to do Single Sign-On and Social Login

Open Source Software

CURP and RFC validators

Validator for the most popular national identifiers in México, CURP and RFC, this implementation is using the official documentation issued by Mexican Government

E-Mail Validator

Simple wrapper around the well known class InternetAddress for validating electronic mail addresses

Keycloak Custom Client Registration

Custom Client Registration Provider extending the out the box provider using ID as accessors and role management for clients

About Me

Skilled Java Software Engineer using the last well known open standards from the Java Community, lover of Open Source Software and online team-worker using distributed version control systems.

My first experience in computer programing was at 15 years old making simple applications with Borland Delphi 5, later, my curiosity toward Internet and computer's electronics convinced me to study Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering at University.

Today, I'm willing to use all my professional skills for making high-quality software that communicates with heterogeneous systems and yet easy to use for final users and clients, all of these using Java Enterprise Edition, Open Source Software and Open Standards.

Why Hire Me

  • Heart Programmer

    More than 10 years of experience in computer programming

  • Expert in Java

    Java Enterprise Edition developer from 2009 onwards

  • Deep Knowledge

    Engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications

Contact Me

Santos Zatarain Vera
E-Mail: santoszv [at]
Curriculum Vitae: Last update in 2017-01-09